The following article on How Inherited Family Trauma Shapes Who We Are, shows the impact of family trauma on our own health and well being.  There are times when an individual can be deeply affected by events which have happened within the family and some of the examples quoted illustrate this very well.  

The Craniosacral system. The blue area indicates the cerebrospinal fluid in which the brain and nervous system develop.

A mum came to me for Craniosacral therapy for her daughter as she wasn’t sleeping and was always “on the go”. Mum was feeling exhausted also due to interrupted sleep. I suggested that they both have sessions. Below are photos of the 3rd session and comments below are by mum. “Photo from our third appointment…


Reasons why babies don’t sleep like we want them to…..

Breastfeeding and health professional visits

As I am often saying taking steps to care for yourself before stress has major health impact. Chronic stress can be passed down through the generations – watch this video:-  

This is a great article for explaining Craniosacral Therapy that I shared on the other page. It’s not just about Pregnancy and women though. If you want to know what Cranio is about, give it a gander.

There is an ancient longing wired in us as infants to be seen, to be felt, and to have our surging, somatic-emotional world validated by another. When our subjective experience is empathically held, contained, and allowed, we come to a natural place of rest. What is love, really, other than fully allowing the other to…

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